Stable trick

Howdy Friends! 

Here is the Stable trick that allows you to get coins faster.

  •  First you have to already have a Stable (NO LONGER IN THE MARKET) and fill it all with horses.
  • You can find the horses in market as well as u can get them from foal’s growth or by gift from friend.

If you want to get more than Harvesting only when stable is 100%, you have to work a little more:

  • Buy as many common horses (brown, grey - type does not matter) one's you can afford and place them on your farm.
  • Wait till the common horses are (harvest ready) 34%.
  • Take one horse out of your stable, does not matter if the stable is at 100% or not - the important thing is that your horses outside are at 34%!
  • Put one of the 34% common horses from outside into your Stable - the Stable will be ready to harvest immediately!
  • Harvest and earn coins for the common horse you put inside by harvesting stable which is now ready.
  • Replace the common horse inside your Stable with another 34% common horse from outside (all horses are still in the Stable, replace only with the common horses so you will earn maximum amount of coins!) - Stable will be 100% again and harvest ready!
  • Repeat the steps as often as you can!!


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