Monster Lab Guide

Create Creatures in the Monster Lab!

Create your very own marvelous monstrosities in the Monster Lab! You’ll find the incomplete version of this building on your Farm when you arrive in Haunted Hollow:

Clicking on the Monster Lab will give you these options:
  • Look Inside: Check your Progress and see which parts you need
  • Ask for Parts: Send a request directly to your friends for parts you need
  • Complete Now: Pay Farm Cash to quickly complete the Monster Lab
  • Move: Option to move your Lab
  • Sell: Option to sell your Lab for coins

There are 3 different types of parts you need to complete your Monster Lab, and you will need 10 of each. You can send requests directly to your friends and neighbors to ask for these parts, as well as give and receive them as Free Gifts:

When you have all the parts you need, you can complete the Monster Lab. It only has one building stage:

Once your Monster Lab is complete, it’s time to start making Monsters! Collect serums to unlock the mystery Monsters. You can do this by:
  • Asking your friends for Serums
  • Purchasing serums with Farm Cash
  • Clicking on your friends’ feeds when they are sharing Serums
  • Harvesting your Monster Lab for serum.

Increase the variety of Monsters in your Lab to increase the chances that you’ll harvest a rare Serum! 


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